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With Ougra, you don't need to worry about additional insurance!

Simple App

With our mobile app, you can easily rent or list your car at the touch of a button!

Earn Money

Make money by renting a car to drive for Uber or Lyft or by listing your car for others to rent!

Rent A Car To Make Money With Uber and Lyft

Capitalize and take advantage of the sharing economy

Locate an Ougra car by downloading the app and begin to make money driving for Uber and Lyft. You can average $4000 a month.

  • Simple Registration
  • Low Rates
  • No long term contracts
  • Fully Insured

List Your Car To Make Money

Earn money by renting out to others

Use our app to list your car while it sits idle at home or at work. Rent it out to Lyft and Uber drivers. You can average $1200 per month.

  • Flexible Rentals?
  • Full Self Service App?
  • Extra income
  • Fully Coverage Insurance

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Ougra has been a great resource for earning some money on the side and it's really helped me with paying off my student loans. I had no trouble at all getting an Uber certified car and hitting the road as an Uber driver. They were really easy to work with and extremely responsive whenever I called in.

-Michael Shimazaki
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Car Owners

I listed my car on Ougra because it just sits in my garage 5 days a week. I only really use it on the weekends. Since then, my car's been out every single day and I'm just raking in the dough. It's been great. Even my dad's gotten on board and listed his own car!

-Isabella Lowin
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